Sutii Milano is a company based in Milan that creates and designs fabrics used to create a very personal home furnishing and women’s clothing line. Sutii Milano designs her creations in Italy, but each and every piece of her collections is produced in India by specialized artisans, working manually and monitoring every single stage of production, from the weaving and dying of the cotton through to the manual printing on the fabric using the ancient block print technique.

Cotton, muslin, malmal, wool, silk, zari fabric, mushroo, ikat, bandhani, khadi, chintz and calico are among the various fabrics used to create Sutii Milano Clothing. From mezzeri to mandalas, cushions to curtains and drapes, right through to clothing for women, Sutii Milano collections are famous and now sold worldwide and in other Home Textile Emporiums that have opened over the years in Florence, Rome, and abroad.

Our History

Setting Industry Standards

We pay a great amount of attention, with a desire to provide gorgeous occasion wear without the exorbitant price tag, quality fabrics, and cuts at the forefront of all design. Timeless, whimsical, and beautiful, each item is made to be worn again.

Our Future

Growing Fast

Extending the feel-good ethos to the production side of the business, each piece is designed in-house, with all samples ethically produced by factories in India. This process is making sure workers are being paid fairly and are working in safe, comfortable environments.